Tuesday 24 January 2017


6 minutes to find 1 RM Thruster


15 - 12 - 9 reps for time of:

Thrusters 60 kg (50 kg)



15 - 12 - 9 reps for time of:

Thrusters 50 kg (40 kg)

Burpee Pull-ups

Post load and time to comments.


Photo 23-1-17, 7 22 41 pm

Let's not discuss your nutritional choices over the Christmas/New Year's period, just join us in making better choices over the 8 weeks leading up to Easter . . . The CrossFit Resolve 2017 New Year Nutrition Challenge commences on Monday 30 January 2017 . . . More information on the CrossFit Resolve Members Facebook page . . .


If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life.

Abraham Maslow

Monday 23 January 2017


In teams of 5, as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

Station 1 - 300 m Row

Station 2 - Push-ups 30 (20)

Station 3 - 30 Box Jump Overs 24"

Station 4 - 30 Kettlebell Squats

Station 5 - Rest

Only rotate stations once each team member has completed the assigned work.

Post rounds to comments.


Juvenille Prison

In an increasingly divisive political environment, it seems to us an opportune moment to diversify our income streams with the construction of a juvenile prison . . .  We will be relocating one of the benches within the compound so that Jude and Eddie can get in some prison yard bench work . . . Please do not pass any contraband through the bars and do not accept any "supplements" from the inmates . . .


If you want to know your past - look into your present conditions.  If you want to know your future - look into your present actions.

Chinese Proverb

Saturday 21 January 2017


Happy Birthday Brett W!

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 m

21 Power Cleans 70 kg

Post time to comments.



Over the years, our long serving boxes have both taken punishment and dished it out . . .


When I get really disciplined and really consistent with my workouts . . . I almost feel momentum . . . I feel like there is a push behind me . . . and it makes [my] resistance much weaker and it makes my motivation and my discipline much stronger . . . a lot of it is based on just the consistency . . . Blowing off an exercise that you planned is not just bad for you physically, it's also bad mentally . . . because then that option is now available . . . the option to f#ck off is available . . . and you did it before and you're probably going to do it again and you'll get mediocre results - not just in that aspect of your life but maybe in all aspects of your life . . .

Joe Rogan

Friday 20 January 2017


Happy Birthday Matthew "Slabs" M!

Five rounds for time of:

50 Double Unders

20 Push-ups

20 Dumbbell Front Squats

6 Ring Muscle-ups

Post time to comments.


Bron and Mat

Congratulations to Bron and Mat (and Eddie) on their wedding over the weekend . . .


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison

Thursday 19 January 2017


Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:

1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th minutes:

5 Overhead Squats

2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th minutes:

7 Strict Handstand Push-ups/12 Handstand Push-ups/15 Push-ups


As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:

5 Burpee Pull-ups

30 Double Unders

Add one burpee pull-up after each completed round.

Post rounds to comments.



A quick prayer to the wall ball gods before continuing . . .


The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.

Amelia Earhart

Wednesday 18 January 2017


In pairs, as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

20 Toes to Bar

40 Dumbbell Push Press 20 kg (15 kg)

60 Double Unders

Run 200 m with Medicine Ball 10 kg (7 kg)

Post time to comments.




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More information at:


We sow a thought and reap an act;

We sow an act and reap a habit;

We sow a habit and reap a character;

We sow a character and reap a destiny.


Tuesday 17 January 2017


For time:

30 Calorie Row

30 Shoulder to Overhead 60 kg (45 kg)

20 Calorie Row

20 Shoulder to Overhead 60 kg (45 kg)

10 Calorie Row

10 Shoulder to Overhead 60 kg (45 kg)


"Midline Madness V3.0"

For quality, using tabata clock with 2 minutes per station:

Candle Stick Pulses

Hollow Rock

Evil Knees

Russian Twist 10 kg Plate

Post time to comments.


Photo 16-1-17, 2 26 27 pm

For those moments when you need a push . . .

Also available in a Muscle-T . . . Please place orders on the CrossFit Resolve Members Facebook page . . .


‪The more voluntary suffering you build into your life, the less involuntary suffering will affect your life.

Tim Ferriss

Monday 16 January 2017


Happy Birthday Tyson K!

Four rounds for time of:

15 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

12 Box Jumps 24" (20")

9 Snatches 42.5 kg (30 kg)

Post time to comments.


Photo 15-1-17, 7 24 33 pm

Choose your weapon . . .


Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

Albert Einstein


Saturday 14 January 2017


For time:

10 Thrusters 60kg
50 Double Unders
8 Thrusters 60kg
40 Double Unders
6 Thrusters 60kg
30 Double Unders
4 Thrusters 60kg
20 Double Unders
2 Thrusters 60kg
10 Double Unders

Post time to comments.


Photo 13-1-17, 8 29 52 pm

What a jerk . . .


When I have once taken a resolution, I go straight to my aim; I overthrow all, I cut down all.

Cardinal Richelieu

Friday 13 January 2017


For time:

7 Squat Snatch 70 kg (50 kg)

11 Ring Muscle-ups

100 Sit-ups

11 RIng Muscle-ups

7 Squat Snatch 70 kg (50 kg)

Post time to comments.



Welcome back . . . 


Persistent work triumphs.