Wednesday 12 February 2020
Friday 14 February 2020

Thursday 13 February 2020

12, 1 minute intervals of :

120m Shuttle Run (10m x 12)
Max pushups in the time remaining

Score is total push ups
Rest 2 min between intervals

CF Linchpin

83514987_1487163764771605_6936433979029454848_nSalim Z … practicing todays 2min rest station 

There will be days when the barbell wins. Despite our best mental and physical attempt. I don't like it. . . . Will one bad day turn into six or do I get up off the floor, grab the barbell and win tomorrow? I guess that remains to be seen but . . . the weight will always be the same, it will never be heavier or lighter, the only difference is me.
Spencer Arnold


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