Thursday 05 July 2018
Saturday 07 July 2018

Friday 06 July 2018


Row 1000m
50 Thrusters 20kg
30 Pullups

Midline Madness V3.0

Candlestick Pulses
Hollow Rocks
Evil Knees
Russian Twists 10kg

Compare 15 Nov 2017

23232054_10154795722096097_629729031_nSpreading the gospel … #strugglingforwebsitecontent

Most people . . . have been conditioned to believe they should 'coast' through life as much as possible - they should avoid 'pressure situations' and gravitate toward circumstances where no one is demanding anything from them. You see, the truth of the matter is that it's through pressure or 'stress' that we evolve - that we grow.
Bill Phillips


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