Friday 11 May 2018
Monday 14 May 2018

Saturday 12 May 2018

Teams of 3
For Time (25 Minute Cap):
400m Run+20kg plate
100 Deadlifts 70kg/45kg
400m Run+20kg plate
80 Hang Power Cleans 70kg/45kg
400m Run+20kg plate
60 Front Squats 70kg/45kg
400m Run+20kg plate
40 Push Jerks 70kg/45kg
400m Run+20kg Plate
20 Clusters 70kg/45kg

23283384_10154795726231097_246714248_nScott A 

There is something in every human being that seeks testing. A yearning to discover just how far one can go, how much one is capable of achieving.


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