Tuesday 14 November 2017
Thursday 16 November 2017

Wednesday 15 November 2017


Row 1000m

50 Thrusters 20kg
30 Pullups

Compare 06 Feb 2017

Midline Madness V3.0

Candlestick Pulses
Hollow Rocks
Evil Knees
Russian Twists 10kg


Dani and Emma crushing the in house comp last weekend.

All great masters are chiefly distinguished by the power of adding a second, a third, and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line.  Many a man had taken the first step.  With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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5:30 AM Xavier M 7.05 RXD
Elizabeth B 11.03 (B)
Tim J 11.25 RXD
Sam T 9.07 RXD
Ben P 9.07 RXD
Pip HR 14.18 (B)
Scott A 7.41 RXD
Jo B 12.21 RXD
Johan T 11.13 RXD
Paul S 7.58 RXD
Colin G 7.35 RXD
Ern L 9.28 (B)
James B2 7.19 RXD
Ian W 8.45 RXD
6:30 Dave B 11.54 (B)
Simone K 18.18 (RR)
Fabiano M 9.16 RXD
Carl P 8.17 RXD
Theo R 7.35 RXD
Emma N 11.20 (8DB/B)
7:30 AM Andrew R 9.34 RXD
Matt C 7.04 RXD
Mark B 10.08 (B)
9:30 AM Leigh W 9.12 RXD
Tom L 6.56 RXD
Marty A 8.35 RXD
Kim H 5.025 (B/15/half)
Travis H 7.00 (RR/15/half)
Josh B 5.33 RXD
12:00 PM Aurelie S
Paddy L
Derek S
4:30 PM Simon C 8.34 RXD
5:30 PM Renee D 11.19 (RR)
Kyle E 7.48 RXD
Michael J2 7.01 RXD
Jill T 9.41 RXD
Mike S 8.46 RXD
Erin W 8.16 (inj)
Mark M 7.07 RXD
Emily DLP 11.46 RXD
Ben N 8.51 RXD
Madura Mc 11.59 RXD
Tyson K 8.36 RXD
Dan R 6.07 RXD
Jack B 10.07 RXD
Ash M 11.39 RXD
Gymnastics Rosella G
Roberto R
Michael J2

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