Friday 01 December 2017
Monday 04 December 2017

Saturday 02 December 2017

Every 2min for 16min (16min)

1 Power Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
4 Front Rack alternating lunges (2 per leg)
4 Push Jerks


In teams of 2-3

4min per station

Max Cal Airdyne
Max Burpees
Max Cal Row
Max Double unders


Good luck to this awesome bunch of humans competing in Sydney this weekend


I see the notion of talent as quite irrelevant.  I see instead perseverance, application, industry, assiduity, will, will, will, desire, desire, desire . . .
Gordon Lish


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5:30 AM Dan M Inj Mod/104/70/86/258 (inj)
Brandon D Inj Mod/104/70/86/258 RXD
James B2 50-65/103/69/93/343 RXD
Andrew R 50-57.5/103/69/93/343 RXD
7:00 AM Gideon P 80 Mod/103/82/73/290
Scott A 50-67.5/103/82/73/290
Glenn S 50-55/80/87/80/360
Tom T 50 Hold/80/87/808/30
Jo B 25-29/52/80/72/272
Kirrily A 12.5-15DB/2/80/72/272
Tyson K 50-60/87/58/71/264
Greg P 60-67.5/87/58/71/264
Ben P 40-47.5/57/73/73/192
Paul S 60-67.5/57/73/73/192
Catherine L 22.5Hold/31/76/49/139
Emma N 25 Hold/31/76/49/139
Ben N 40-45/71/84/71/172
Matt C 60-80/71/84/71/172
8:00 AM Sarah H 35-40/64/62/60/313
Mark M 60-77.5/4/62/60/313
Madura Mc 30-40/49/69/65/111
Pip HR 30 Hold/49/69/65/111
Fabiano M 30-45/60/61/62/61
Kyle E 60Hold/60/61/62/61
Nat S 30-50/67/71/81/418
Hugh S 50Hold/67/71/81/418
Kym T 35Hold/93/63/65/247
Dan R 60-82.5/93/63/65/247
Olift Matt C
Mobility Loic C
Kym T
Fabiano M
Tyson K
4:00 PM Kyle E
Leiwis C
Dani M
Matt C
Dan R
Jade L

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