Thursday 07 December 2017
Saturday 09 December 2017

Friday 08 December 2017

Teams of 3

7 Kettlebell Swings 24kg/16kg
10/7 Calorie Bike / Calorie Row
7 Burpees

Teammates complete full rounds, then switch.


Matty's soul making a run for it after last Friday's sweat session on a humid Brisbane day.

Hope is personal.  Hope is something that no one can give to you.  You have to choose to believe in hope.  You have to make it yourself.
Joseph Kim


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5:30 AM Xavier M 19+7+8 RXD/Bike
Sam T
Marissa H 15+6 RXD
Emma A
Jo N
Bek M
Mark H 16 (20)
Jules C
Kyla S
James B2 19+1 RXD/Bike
Paul S
Andrew R 19+3 RXD
Greg P
Johan T
6:30 AM Francisco L 16+7+7 (12)
Carley C
Fabiano M (16)
Emma N 15+7+5 RXD
Sarah J
Gideon P 16+7 RXD/Bike
Brett W
7:30 AM Andrew W 11+7+10 RXD
9:30 AM Marty A 21+5 RXD/Bike
Matt C
Nat S
Jose C 16+7+2 (Row)
Ben P
Sophie H 15+7+7+4 RXD
Steph P (20/Ros
Jake P (20/Row)
bel S 15+2 (inj)
Sean H
4:30 PM Dan M 20.05
Michael J2
Jade L
Simon C 6+7+2 RXD Solo
5:30 PM Amanda M 16+7+7+2 RXD/Bike
Madura Mc
Amy B 16+6 RXD/ Row
Kirrily A
Ding L
Kyle E 17+3 RXD/Bike
Tom L
Tom C 15+7+4 RXD/Row
Tyson K

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