Monday 06 November 2017
Wednesday 08 November 2017

Tuesday 07 November 2017

In pairs

100 Reps for Time -

1 Push up + 1 DB Row right arm + 1 DB Row Left arm + 1 DB Power Clean + 1 DB Thruster

DB's 12.5kg

Wod courtesy of Josh Bridges via Pat Sherwood

Compare 18 July 2017

Halloween (2)

What a great Halloween we had last week ... #community

None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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5:30 AM Little T 29.08 (6)
Roelof S (10)
Emma A 25.05 (8)
Erin L
Xavier M 17.19 RXD
Scott Y
Scott A 20.43 RXD
Ben P
Paul S 17.49 RXD
Ian W
Andrew R 14.15 (12.5/mod)
6:30 AM simone K 21.15 (5/Bench/75repd)
David L (10/75reps)
Carl P 20.29 RXD
Mark T
Jo B 21.27 (6)
Carly C
Brett W 21.47 RXD
Gideon P (inj)
Andrew W 24.24 RXD
Hugh S
Tom L 17.47 RXD
Matt C
7:30 AM Letitia D 18.18 (6/75)
Mark B (10/75)
Brandon D 18.38 RXD
Gerlad Mc
9:30 AM Bel S 17.16 (8/mod)
Amanda M (8)
Madura M 26.08 (8)
Bron J (bench/5)
Jordan G 21.07 (10)
Theo R RXD
Josh B 18.34 (RMU/GHD)
12:00 PM Adam K 1+70+60+50+11
Paddy L
Daragh O 1+70+60+50+38
Steven S
Derek S 1+70+60+10
Loic C
Toufik G 1+70+60+50+16
Rom D
Tim L 1+70+60+50+18
Aurelie S
4:30 PM simon C 18.36
Kyle E
Michael J2
5:30 PM Kyle E 23.41 RXD
Jill T 18.18 (8)
Mark M RXD
Renee D 21.23 (8/Bench)
Erin P (8)
Tom C 24.15 (10)
Ben N
Emily DLP 18.27 (6)
Kirrily A (8)
Kat F 25.00 (6/1PBench)
Emma N (6)
Dan R 4rnds (RMU/GHD)
Erin W 18.28 (inj)
Kym T 25.12 (1PBench/8)
Emily P
6:30 PM Fabiano M 20.41 RXD
Roberto R
Dan M 14.12 (inj)
Leigh W 16.12 (inj)
Rosella G 23.38 (6)
Katia N 23.38 (Bench/6)
Olift Dani M
Kirrily A
Comp Scott A

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