Saturday 11 November 2017
Tuesday 14 November 2017

Monday 13 November 2017

20 min 5RM Strict Press

17min for Quality

2 Strict Ring Pull ups
4 Handstand pushups
6 Kettlebell swings 24kg/16kg
8 Overhead Squats 20kg


Got to make time if you want the gainz...

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
Denis Waitley


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5:30 AM Elizabeth B 29.5
Roloef S 42.5
Jo N 24
Erin L 24.5
Sam T 56
Gary F 45
Johan T 55
Emma N 22.5
6:30 AM Ben P 43.5
Brett W 52.5
David L 52.5
Emily M 30
Dave B 44.5
Catherine L 28
Hugh S 57.5
Carly C 20
Theo R 45
Fabiano M 40
7:30 AM Gerlad Mc 50
Letitia D 45
9:30 AM Bel S 31
Matty Mc 35.5
Bron J 27
Cassio O 40
Josh B 60
Steph P 27
4:30 PM Asam K 50
Staven S 50
Andrew R 60
Erin P 37.5
Pip HR 35
5:30 PM Tom T 50
Kyle E 60
Michael J2 50
Ben N 42.5
Gideon P 60
Emily DLP 30
Kym T 35
Mark M 70
Matt C 65
Kirrily A 35
Amanda M 32.5
Madura Mc 32.5
Lewis C 47.5
Ding L 45
Dan R 57.5
6:30 PM Tom L 57.5
Trevor M 42.5
Dan M 5DB
Ryan O 60
Emma N 32
Scott Y 47.5
Sarah H 31
Kat F 30
Rosella G 29.5
Roberto R 62.5
Jack B 45
Erin W Tabata
Matt M 53
Mobility Letitia D
Amy B
Matt C
Kym T
Ding L
Tom T

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