Monday 07 August 2017
Wednesday 09 August 2017

Tuesday 08 August 2017

13 squat cleans 70kg/50kg

Then, 10 rounds of:
    10 pull-ups
    100-meter sprint

Then, 13 squat cleans 70kg/50kg

Photo-collage (1)

Well that's a wrap, what and amazing weekend the Men's and Women's competitions couldn't have been more different with Matt Fraser running away with the title  for the second year in a row. On the ladies side TIa and Kara were only 6 points apart going into the final event ... If you haven't seen the last event for the ladies its totally worth the 6 minutes of your life.

The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself.  It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone.

Orison Sweet Marden



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5:30 AM James B2 16.38 (60/mod)
Xavier M 19.22 RXD
Scott A 19.51 RXD
Emma A 20.20 (30/7PU)
Tin J 22.08 (40/7PU)
Gary F 20.18 (40/7PU/B)
Ben P 23.54 (50)
Jerome M 22.31 (40/7PU)
Emma H 23.18 (40/7PU)
6:30 AM Ang R 18.47 (25/7PU)
Catherine L 21.17 (25/7PU)
Carl P 24.01 (55)
7:30 AM Letitia D 22.05 (RR/30)
Brandon D 18.38 (55)
Gerlad MC 19.19 (55)
9:30 AM Mat A 20.53 (50)
Cassio O 21.00 (35/5PU)
Josh B 15.12 RXD
Steph P 21.32 (25/8PU/B)
Emilpy P 21.47 (30/B)
Nat J 21.00 RXD
Madura MC 22.05 (35/6PU)
Amanda M 20.47 (35)
Matt C 17.54 RXD
12:00 PM Adam K 129/10+5/91
steven S
Toufik G 104/8/100
Rom D
Paddy L 105/13+4/107
Loic C
Derek S 74/7+5+10+2/75
Mel C
12:30 PM Gus C 19.35 (50)
4:30 PM Lewis C 21.18 (20/RR)
5:30 PM Michael J2 19.11 (inj)
Kyle E 21.31 (50)
Renee D 11.54 (30/mod)
Dani M 19.49 (30PC)
SArah H 21.53 (35)
Amy B 20.55 (30/B)
Cliff W 22.23 (35/7PU)
Ben N 19.06 (40)
Paul D 17.43 RXD
Marty A 21.38 (60)
Tom C 19.01 (40/7PU)
Erin P 20.11 (35/7PU)
Erin W 23.44 (35)
Luke W 21.34 (50)
Tyson K 15.49 (40PC/7PU)
Brett W 18.48 (60)
Dan R 16.05 RXD
Ding L 19.00 (35/7PU)
Jade L 20.02 (35/B)
Ash M 21.49 (35)
6:30 PM Glenn C 19.51 (55)
Matty Mc 18.04 (306PU)
Dan M 19.01 RXD
Kym T 21.06 (30/RR)
Katia N 19.06 (25/RR)
Simone K 22.53 (15/7RR)
Fabiano M 20.18 (30)
Kat F 19.58 (25/RR)
Matt M 18.04 (40/7PU)
Tom L 15.14 (50)
Olift Sarah H

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