Thursday 03 August 2017
Saturday 05 August 2017

Friday 04 August 2017

Assault Bike Madness (Class max Cals in 20min)

20min AMRAP

20 Evil Knees
20 DB Push Press
20 Hollow Rocks
20 Push ups
Run 200m


Reflections ... As the fittest men and women gather in Madison Wisconsin USA this weekend, I'm proud to reflect on how far CrossFit has come and the community that Resolve has built over the last 8 years ... 

Be amazed at the performances over the weekend but don't short change you're own efforts,

Enjoy the journey and remember to always have fun ... Oh and don't forget to breathe (CrossFit Chapter 1)

If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life.

Abraham Maslow


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5:30 AM Scott A 3+10 (20)
Roelof S 2+20+20+20 (10)
Jo N 3+13 (8)
Kyla S 3+20+7 (10/Bench)
Xavier M 3 (20)
Erin L 3+20+20+20+20 (8/5PU/15Bench)
Tyson K 3+8 (inj)
Emma H 3+20 (10)
Ryan O 3+20 (15)
Greg P 2+20+15 (15)
Greer T 3+20+11 (15)
Tom T 2+20+15 (12.5Strict)
Bek M 3+20+20+20+10 (8/Bench)
6:30 AM Ben P 2+20+20+20+20 (15)
Joelene R 3 (10/Bench)
7:30 AM Letitia D 2+20+20+20 (12.5)
Mark B 2+20+20+15 912.5)
Gerald MC 2+20+20+20+20 (17.5)
Andrew W 2+20+20+20 (12.5)
9:30 AM Jill T 3 (10/-)
Steph P 2+20+20+20 (6/-)
4:30 PM amanda M 2+20+20+20 (12.5/run)
Tom L 3+20+20+20+17 (17.5/run)
Kirrily A
Michael J2
5:30 PM Kirrily A 3+20+20+20+4 (12.5)
Michael J2 2+20+2 (10/mod)
Trevor M 1+20+20+20 (12.5/mod)
Dan M 2+17 (20)
Luke W 2+20+20+20+11 (12.5)
Kyle E 3+20+12 (15)
Cassio I 2 (8/mod)
Ben E 2 (8/mod)
Tom C 2+20+20+12+20+16 (15)
Fabiano M 4 (8)

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