Saturday 17 June 2017
Tuesday 20 June 2017

Monday 19 June 2017


Clean 60kg/40kg
Ring Dips

Tabata Sit Up's
Rest in Hollow body position


Excited to be writing my next chapter...

There are far to many people with a fifth place understanding of a thing, focusing

on the faults of those atop  the podium.

Instead of trying to overcome the reasons why fourth-place, is still kicking their ass.

Derek Woodske



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5:30 AM Dan M 14.38 (inj)
Elizabeth B 8.59 (35/B)
Scott Y 9.16 RXD
Bek M 11.02 (25/B)
Andrew R 12.58 (inj)
Greg P 10.35 (50/B)
Eliza S 8.10 (30PC/1PBench)
Ben P 13.52 (50/B)
Nicole S 8.09 (25HPC/PU)
Sam T 6.48 RXD
6:30 AM Sue FL 12.35 (25/RR)
Joelene R 9.57 (30/PU)
7:30 AM Gideon P - (52.5_
Branon D 9.46 (50/B)
Letitia D 10.44 (mod)
Mark B 11.07 (45/B)
9:30 AM Nat J 9.40 (35/B)
Marty A 10.06 (50)
Madura Mc 9.41 (30/Bench)
Joe F 12.03 (40/B)
Josh B 3.53 RXD
5:30 PM Glenn C 7.47 (40)
Michael J2 8.57 RXD
Renee D 9.41 (30/1PBench)
Erin P 6.55 (30/PU)
Tom C 10.59 (40/B)
Leigh W 7.57 (35/B)
Emma N 7.52 (20/4PU/Bench)
Dave B 13.29 (40/7PU/B)
Emma A 8.35 (22.5/B)
Kyle E 15.38 (50/B)
Mark M 11.51 RXD
Tyson K 11.49 (45/B)
Erin L 8.22 (20/PU)
FGreer M 12.49 RXD
Ding L 8.47 (40)
Tom T 9.26 RXD
Jade L 8.20 (30/4PU/Bench)
6:30 PM Kym T 12.10 (30PC/1PBench)
Sarah H 11.05 (35/B)
Simone K 13.16 (20/GHD)
Dan R 8.22 RXD
Cangie W 12.30 (35/7B/PU)
Jack B 14.57 (50/B)
18:30 Mobility Paul S
Sam T
Ding L
Leigh W

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