Monday 29 May 2017
Wednesday 31 May 2017

Tuesday 30 May 2017


Happy Birthday Sue FL!

Tabata Sit-ups


For time in pairs:

100 Calorie Row

50 Sit-ups

100 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges 20 kg (15 kg)

100 Sit-ups

100 Burpees

50 Sit-ups

100 Goblet Squats 24 kg (16 kg)

Post time to comments.


Photo 29-5-17  7 24 52 pm

When your brother PRs his deadlift at a weekend comp in the United Kingdom and you generally wouldn't talk about it because it is considerably more than yours but it's his birthday and he did it in a CrossFit Resolve t-shirt . . .


You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.

Oliver Goldsmith




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5:30 AM Greer M 22.00 RXD
Tom T
James B2 21.00 RXD
Xavier M
Scott Y 24.46 RXD
Chris L (16KB)
Matty Mc 27.32 (15/16KB)
Kyla S RXD
Dan M 23.54 RXD
Mike M
Sam T 20.23 RXD
Paul S
Tyson K 25.06 RXD
Ben P
Emma A 29.26 RXD
Emma N
Erin L 26.09 (mod)
Nicole S
6:30 AM Hugh S 25.26 RXD
Sarah J
Ang R 26.29 (75CalRow)
Joelene R
Rhino P 23.35 (15/20KB/mod)
Sue FL (inj)
7:30 AM Brandon D 25.55 RXD
Letitia D
Gerald Mc 26.55 (15/20KB)
Mark B
9:30 AM Bel A 24.09 RXD
Amanda M
Marty A 23.15 RXD
Lai U
Josh B 19.14 RXD
Matt C
Rachel S 30.54 (10)
Kim H
David S 28.00 RXD
Simon C
12:00 PM Aurelie S 20.26
Loic C
Adam K 18.04
Anthony W
Steven S 15.45
Rom D
Paddy L 15.25
Daragh O
Mel C 23.01
Toofik G
12:30 PM Gideon P 25.10 RXD
Gus C (20)
Kieran Mc 60/40/55 (8.58 (Tues Wod)
4:30 PM Kirrily A 22.23 RXD
Andrew R
Gerald Mc
5:30 PM Nicola M 25.37 (mod)
Jade L
Renee D 28.27 RXD
Erin P
Ash M 24.02 RXD
Nat J
Michael J2 24.28 RXD
Erin W
Mark M 25.37 RXD
Sarah H
Andrew W 25.10 RXD
Brett W
Amy B 27.36 RXD
Emily DLP
Kyle E 27.29 RXD
Ben N
Tom C 26.44 RXD
Greg P
Jill T 27.04 RXD
Andrew S (15/16KB)
Bek M 29.17 RXD
Madura Mc
6:30 PM Kym T 28.15 (10/12)
Amy S
Glenn C 21.12 RXD
Dan R
18:30 Stregth Jack B
Greg P
18:30 Olift Dani M
SArah H
Mark M
Madura Mc

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